Renert School

The Renert Dream School at Royal Vista is a unique private school offering a new model of education dedicated to nurturing students’ passions. The Renert School takes a holistic approach to education and building well-rounded individuals through personalized learning and enriched academics delivered by expert teachers.

The Renert School employs only inspiring teachers who affect meaningful transformative changes in their students’ lives. We are looking for innovators in education who think outside the box and conceive of education in a broad sense. We offer a unique work environment where teachers collaborate to create a new model of education for our networked society.

Successful Applicants

  • are subject matter experts,
  • are practitioners and/or enthusiasts in their field, whose passion for knowledge is infectious,
  • love children and are committed to transformative education.

Renert School is looking for a Waldorf teacher or a Waldorf-trained teacher to bring elements of Waldorf education into our school. In particular, we are at a stage of our development in which we want to create more robust community-based social structures. Waldorf education has many good practices and expertise in this area.

If you have been working in Waldorf education and would like to imagine how some Waldorf ideas could be integrated into a non-Waldorfian schooling model, please apply. Let us know what your areas of specialization are. This is a very creative position for an individual dedicated to innovation in education.

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