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What is
Bright Minds?

Bright Minds is an after-school math and English writing enrichment program for children ages 5 and up. We also offer day-time classes for homeschool families. Our program develops deep understanding and trains children to become effective learners and creative thinkers for life.

Bright Minds is open to all children. We believe that every child can develop deep logical and analytical reasoning skills in mathematics and strong core English writing skills. Every child is assessed before entering the program and matched with the appropriate peer group and instructor.

Benefits for

Your Child

A High Level of Achievement for All Grades

Studying Above Your Child’s Grade Level

Creative Problem Solving

Benefits for

Your Child

A High Level of Achievement for All Grades

Studying Above Your Child’s Grade Level

Creative Problem Solving

Our Program

Bright Minds Math is based on the most successful mathematics programs in the world, including Singapore Math, Russian Mathematics, and Harvard Math Circles. It is developed and run by Aaron and Moses Renert, two of the best known mathematics educators in Western Canada. Together they bring over 40 years of combined experience teaching mathematics to over 25,000 students of all ages (kindergarten to university).

The Bright Minds Writing enrichment program encompasses elements of grammar, spelling, vocabulary and writing mechanics as they are found in the writing process. Student materials are specifically assigned based on our assessment of their skills.

Mental Math Skills

Instilling complete mastery of arithmetic by developing mental math skills

Deep Mathematical Understanding

Building of deep mathematical understanding from the ground up, by teaching each topic thoroughly until complete mastery is achieved

Creative Thinking

Fostering creative thinking and problem solving skills by working on puzzles, riddles, math Olympiads problems, chess and games of logic


Any new students interested in the program should book an assessment to find out which class(es) would be best suited to their age and ability


Any new students interested in the program should book an assessment to find out which class(es) would be best suited to their age and ability


  • "Kiyoshi has been lucky to have two very strong teachers back to back (started with Mr. Ryan and last/current year with Ms. Sameem) that have been working hard with Kiyoshi to build both the academic skills and his confidence along the way and thought they would both like an update on what they started and where it has gone!  Not only does he feel comfortable with many of the strategies, he is confident enough to carve out time to help others in his classroom (time permitting)."

    Tara from Courtenay, BC, October 2023
  • "Loved having online program as we wouldn’t be able to fit this into our schedule otherwise. Really great support for child’s school activities plus help with homework."

    Pauline from Calgary, April 2023
  • "He really enjoyed himself [at summer camp] and found the activities lots of fun. He came home every day with a big smile on his face."

    Lynn from Calgary, April 2023
  • " [Our kids] really enjoy the learning and like the daytime option for [home schoolers]."

    George from rural Alberta, April 2023
  • "Amazing program and keeps my child engaged and excited about learning... We wanted to just thank you for this program and the ability to continue on-line. We relocated to a small community in BC and without this program we would literally have no options for academic support.... We can't imagine learning without you.""

    Tara from Courtenay BC, April 2023
  • "...[The administrative staff is] responsive and helpful."

    Karen from Calgary, April 2023
  • "...[the instructor is] very informative, she knows her stuff, explains very well."

    Fehmida from Calgary, April 2023
  • "I think everything that is offered is really incredible... I think having this for the community is great."

    Celeste from Calgary, April 2023
  • "Love the interactive online chess once a week for a fun learning change/break... Our aspiring writer is loving her [literacy] class and we are loving the interesting stories and essays she is producing"

    Ingrid from Calgary, April 2023
  • "We have been with Bright Minds for 10 years."

    Ioanna from Calgary, April 2023
  • "...we've always had a very positive experience with the Math program. The teachers that we have had... have both been excellent, and my child looks forward to class every week. I feel that this program really have my child's best interest at heart, and pushes them to an appropriate level for their age and skill. The materials and homework expectations are helpful and reasonable. I have full intentions of putting my other children in this program when they are of age."

    Cecilia from Calgary, April 2023
  • The in-person flex class has helped [my daughter] to work on her math workbook and she was able to solve to the problems...

    Raman from Calgary, April 2023
  • "I see a big improvement in both of my kids! They are very confident!"

    Nicoletta from Calgary, April 2023
  • I have been very impressed with the Bright Minds program, and recommend it over all other math help programs available locally. All four of our children attend Bright Minds, and their math performance at school has improved significantly. There is a marked change in their confidence as Renert teachers instill not just math proficiency, but more important, a deep understanding of how numbers work. Their approach to teaching mathematics is distinctly different than what exists in the school systems and other programs. It is profoundly effective. The resulting math literacy the kids develop, has significant additional positive downstream effects in other subjects. When my oldest son began Bright Minds toward the end of elementary school, he felt no confidence in his abilities and claimed that he was just stupid. He was significantly behind his grade level and did not understand certain fundamental math skills. He lacked motivation to do his work, and we spent endless hours supporting him with supplemental math efforts at home which often ended in extreme frustration. It was heartbreaking. In Grade 10, he is now achieving 90% consistently in Advanced Placement Math 10. I can attest to similar successes with all of our other children. The financial investment in Bright Minds allows children not just to access their regular class, but additional and unlimited flex classes. Renert teachers are available during flex so children can ask questions and get help. The value of this program is immense. It has saved our family from stress and has drastically helped all four of our children achieve success in mathematics and in themselves as a result.

    Shannon from Calgary, January 2021
  • I will be strongly recommending BM to my friends and colleagues!

    John from Calgary, March 2021
  • Amazing experience. Both teachers are amazing and my son enjoys the weekly sessions. It is building more independence which is translating to more confidence in learning, and how to learn. I have told at least a dozen parents (with kids much younger) about the program so they can look at it as early as possible. I wish we did this years ago.

    Kiyoshi’s Mom from Calgary, June 2021
  • We are very happy with Bright minds and actually referred it to six other families!

    Macade & Greysen’s Mom from Calgary, June 2021
  • Teachers are wonderful and interactive with students. The course content is fun and challenging. I have referred at least 5 families.

    Malika & Zakir’s Min from Calgary, June 2021
  • You run a great program and virtual classes made it very convenient (especially when multiple children from the same household are doing classes).

    Stefano & Madeline’s mom from Calgary, June 2021
  • It has been a great experience! I am pleased with the course material. I enjoy how the math curriculum is laid out. I have been hunting for a math curriculum for my daughter for quite some time and this is the first one I really like.

    Kali’s Mom from Fort St. John BC, June 2021
  • Amazing program and will continue in the future!

    Gordie’s Mom from Calgary, June 2021
  • He enjoyed his classes and Teacher. The online format was different but did not prevent him from being engaged with his class.

    Liam’s Mom from Calgary, June 2021
  • We used to live in Calgary, our former neighbors introduced us to Bright Minds and we connect to classes from Ottawa, where we now live. I want to take a moment and thank everyone involved in thinking, planning and running the BM program, we appreciate the books, the teachers, the staff, the chess classes and everything else that is keeping the kids (and the parents) engaged.

    Elias’ Mom from Ottawa, December 2021
  • Renert Math program is excellent!!! We are very happy in a way that even though we live in Toronto right now, and there are many options, we will not change the program for any other. For us Renert is the best program in Canada, we can see how advanced Andrew is compared with his peers. Thank you !!

    Carol from Toronto, March 2022

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