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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Bright Minds ?

Bright Minds is an enrichment program in mathematics for children ages 5-15. Students attend weekly classes and are assigned 20-40 minutes (depending on grade level) of daily homework and exercises.

2. How is your program different from others?

Bright Minds is not a remedial tutoring program. Its purpose is to empower kids by helping them develop strong analytical skills. Students are typically introduced to mathematical topics ahead of grade level. The teaching and learning takes place in a small group environment which has students engaging in collaborative and creative activities. We foster deep understanding by augmenting the “school math” with brain teasers, lateral thinking riddles, puzzles, questions from math Olympiads and thinking games. The results are students who over time become creative thinkers and strong problem-solvers, and who are fully confident with school math. This confidence spills over to other subject areas.

3. Do you offer a Bright Minds program for other subjects (ie. English, reading, Science…)?

At this time, we are only offering a mathematics program at the elementary level. We have tutors available for 1-on-1 tutoring for students at all levels in various subjects. If you would like more information about 1-on-1 tutoring or would like to be notified when we have programs for young children offered in subjects other than math, please call our main office at 403-974-8600.

4. Do you offer trials or drop-ins?

We do not offer any free trial sessions, and there are no drop-ins available simply because there will not be visible results for attending individual classes. Students work in groups and move at the same pace as the peer group they are assigned to after the placement assessment.

5. I see that your grade [#] class is at [time of day], but this doesn’t work for me. Is there another class at a different time?

The dates and times currently on our website are tentative. Whenever possible, we try our best to accommodate the schedules of the students and parents within each particular group. Bright Minds classes run in the afternoon on weekdays and all day on weekends, at two locations in Calgary.

6. What happens if we miss a class?

Students are responsible to catch up to all materials covered in the class they have missed as they would when they miss a class at school. We have weekly homework help tutorials available to help students catch up and stay on track. We would also email notes and homework whenever applicable.

7. My son/daughter is behind grade level in math. Can he/she join the program?

All students will go through an assessment before they join the Bright Minds program. If a student requires some additional tutoring before he/she joins a group, we will set up some 1-on-1 tutoring sessions to bring him/her up to speed, and then a group will be assigned.

8. Does my child need to have an assessment before joining Bright Minds?

All students wishing to join the Bright Minds program must go through a placement assessment. The assessment allows us to determine the student’s current skills and level of understanding in mathematics. After the assessment, we will assign the student to a group that is most suitable for their level.

9. How is Bright Minds different from school math?

The innovative curriculum emphasizes mental arithmetic, deep mathematical understanding, and creative problem solving. Instead of teaching students a little bit about many topics, we teach each mathematical concept thoroughly, from beginning to end, with complete understanding. With this method, students find it easier to understand new math concepts as they reach higher grades. We introduce math topics in a new and innovative way that complements the math taught at any child’s school.

10. How does Bright Minds work?

Students registered in the Bright Minds program will first undergo a placement assessment, and then they will be assigned to groups appropriate for their level. Once assigned to a group, each student will participate in a 60-75 minute long session once a week with assigned homework. The assigned homework should take 20-40 minutes per day to complete. To register or to set up a placement assessment, please call our main office at 403-974-8600.

11. What is your class size?

We cap our maximum class size at 12 students. Each class of 12 will have a teaching assistant and a lead instructor running the lessons.

12. Who is Bright Minds for?

Bright Minds is for any student who is motivated, has a keen mind for learning, and is willing to put in approximately 30 minutes per day into acquiring a skill that will serve them for life. Bright Minds parents do understand that the only way to achieve greatness over time is through ongoing daily deliberate practice: whether it is piano, hockey or mathematics—you have to do it to get very good at it.

13. What does my son/daughter need to bring to the assessment and to a class?

Students are not required to bring anything to the assessment. For classes, student should bring a pencil and an eraser for in-class exercises and activities. We will provide all material and workbooks to students during the first class. We will then ask students to bring the assigned material and homework with them for all following classes.

14. Who are your teachers and what are their credentials?

Our teachers are experts in mathematics. They typically hold university degrees in mathematics or science and are passionate about teaching mathematics to young children. Their deep knowledge and commitment to every child’s intellectual growth transform the ways in which children interact with mathematics and bring about amazing academic results.

15. What if my child has questions about Bright Minds assignments during the week?

All students registered in the Bright Minds program may attend the weekly homework help tutorial as required. We designated a time slot for students to make up a missed class, seek help on homework assignments, or to receive extra help if needed. Parents are also welcome to contact one of our instructors via email during the week.

16. What does the tuition include?

The tuitions for the Bright Minds program includes weekly lessons 60-75 minutes in length, weekly homework-help tutorials, and all books and materials.

17. Do you send students to competitions and contests?

We prepare students for competitions as we believe it is a great way to learn mathematics and to show your true colors. Competition preparation is one of the best ways to become good problem solvers. All students who are interested in joining may register to compete.

18. How do we get started?

To register for the Bright Minds program, please call our main office at 403-974-8600. Once the student is registered, we will pass you onto one of our instructors, and the instructor will be contacting you to set up a placement assessment for your child.

19. Is my child too young/too old to join?

Since the Bright Minds program sort students into groups by level of understanding in math rather than by age or grade, we encourage any students outside of the 5-15 age range to inquire about the program. We are currently working with students starting as young as age 3 and a half up to students at the junior high level.

20. What kind of results have you seen in current students in your program?

We have seen amazing results for all of our students who are committed to the program. With weekly lessons and 20-40 minutes of assigned homework, students usually progress through two years’ of school curriculum in one. The students feel confident about the subject of math, and enjoy working through and solving more challenging problems. (Competition results from our students. -- coming soon) A few months into the program students start telling us how easy “school math” has become.

21. Is Bright Minds the same as The Renert Centre?

Bright Minds is one of the many programs offered by The Renert Centre. Our other services include 1-on-1 tutoring at all levels, tutoring centres for high school students, grade 12 diploma review courses, and admission test preparation for Law School, Medical School and the MBA program. For more information, please visit

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