What is Bright Minds?
Bright Minds is an after-school program in mathematics and logic for children ages 5 and up. The program develops deep understanding of mathematics in children. It trains children to become effective learners and creative thinkers for life.

Who is it for?
Bright Minds is open to all children. We believe that every child can develop deep understanding of mathematics and strong reasoning skills. Every child is assessed before entering the program and matched with the appropriate peer group.

Benefits for your Child
The skills that your child acquires in Bright Minds will put him/her at the top of the class, not only in elementary school but also in high school and university.

Bright Minds students progress through mathematical topics ahead of grade level. And so they always excel at school. The confidence gained from being able to "do math" spill into other areas of life and into other fields of study. There is strong research evidence to show that mathematical understanding at young ages is the single most important predictor of academic excellence in later life.

Bright Minds teaches a lot more than mathematics and analytical reasoning. We instill a strong sense of teamkwork and a solid understanding of how to approach problems creatively. Students gain confidence as they learn to communicate their thinking clearly.

Bright Minds students know that it is OK to try and to fail, to take the wrong turn and to backtrack, to take risks and to make mistakes. They know that difficult problems have no easy solutions, and that the success is in the journey. The greatest measure of our success is in seeing children who are enthusiastic about the work they do, and who dive into new problems with the joy of new discovery and a love for learning.

Free Assessment
We know that every child enters the Bright Minds program with unique strengths and weaknesses. As part of the admission process, the student will do a brief placement assessment. Once your child has completed the assessment the coordinator can match your child to the appropriate Bright Minds class.
Please call us at (403) 974-8600 to book your assessment.

Every child receives a free math assessment to determine the best Bright Minds class for him or her. Call 403-974-8600.